Imam Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni

10-Shawwal-1441 AH
02-06-2020 AD
9:20 AM
(According to the official time of Makkah mother of towns)

Response of the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni to those who Fabricate His Infection with Corona

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, prayers of (forgiveness) and peace be upon Mohammed, the messenger of Allah, and upon the believers at every time and place till the Day of Judgment. May Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you my beloved one in Allah's love, the respectful Mr. Naguib Ahmed Al-Haddad, may Allah accept your repentance and pardon you. Indeed, I have accepted your apology and Allah is the Best of Forgivers, and may Allah pardon you and Muslims all together who do not know that Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni is truly the Imam Mahdi; the caliph of Allah on the worlds. And I hoped that Allah would let them see the truth and guide their hearts to follow it and perfect their light and open their hearts; whomever Allah knew that if they knew the truth from their Lord, they would follow it and their pride in the sin does not take hold of them after it had been cleared to them that it is the truth from their Lord

O my beloved one in the love of Allah, I was informed about the hearsay of those who invent falsehood and their lying in regards to coronavirus afflicting Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni and this is out of the evil plans and false lies of those who spread rumors and turn people away! But I giggled out of their slander as I know that coronavirus has come to afflict those who turn away from following the Caller to Allah, Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed, who calls them to follow the Reminder to the worlds, the Great Quran, and to disbelieve in what contradicts the clear verses of the Great Quran

And Exalted is Allah the Great above afflicting with it (coronavirus) His caliph and servant Al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni! I swear by Allah that there is no God but Him If Allah Afflicted all the people with coronavirus, He would not Afflict with it His caliph on the worlds, Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni, and be among the witnesses to this. If Allah Afflicted me with the torment of the corona, the verification sign of the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni; would fail. Since how would it be a sign of admonition for those who turn away from the Book of Allah the Great Quran (sent from their Lord), then it befalls him who have been calling people for 15 years? Then, the global torment started to become high-caliber after 15 years had passed and it is getting worse

How is it that I had announced that the so-called "coronavirus" is a global torment of the lesser torment short of the greater torment that perhaps they may repent, and that I had announced that it will befall all Arab and Non-Arab countries, one week before the WHO announced it in their official statement? Also, I had appointed the points of the challenge for the Medical Scientists; that they will never be able to know the origin of coronavirus and I did not announce it a global pandemic but a global torment of the lesser torment that perhaps they may repent

Moreover, I had challenged all the Medical Scientists to find a vaccine or medicine even if they all would come together for that, or even if they backed up each other with help and support. And I had announced that they will never be able to control the so-called "coronavirus pandemic", and I had announced that they will find from the plotting of the so-called "coronavirus" that which they had not taken into account; breaching the boundaries of the Medical Physics. And specialized Medical Scientists will be aware of this when they see the wonders (of the so-called "Coronavirus) Hence they shall know that it is an invisible soldier controlled by one Wise and Knowing (Allah)

And the question that imposes itself is: Now that all the challenges made by Imam Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni have come true and the worst is yet to come in reality, the question is: How did Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni know all that? Is Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni a Virologist?

And the answer is: O my beloved one in Allah's love, I am not a physician but I do have the knowledge of the Book of Allah, the Great Quran, and I know from Allah that which they do not know about the reality of the so-called "coronavirus"; that is the admonition of the torment of chests in the clear verses of the Reminder. Also, I have not spoken yet, about the verses that are giving accurate details (of the so-called "coronavirus") among the clear verses of the Book of Allah, the Great Quran, which Allah have Revealed due to knowledge of Him in the Knowledge of Al-Ghaib (the unseen)

Also, I know that a greater admonition (from their Lord) of a greater torment shall come very soon. Its center of infection is in chests and other (parts) along with firm planning from the Lord of the worlds; that is superior in might for the unjust ones. And I almost call it the virus of the elite unjust ones among decision-makers in the worlds; followed by those who are turning away in arrogance towards the caliph of Allah and caller of truth from their Lord and they will soon come to know.
Peace be upon the messengers and praise to Allah Lord of the worlds.
Your brother; Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni

Translated by: Deena ADEL
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