Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed

19- Safar - 1431 AH
09:21 PM
(According to the official time of Makkah mother of towns)

The Everlasting Good Deeds

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Prayers of (forgiveness) and peace be upon all the righteous forerunner supporters and all the newcomers to the table of dialogue ( the Imam's Official Website); those who are searching for the truth and do not want anything but the truth, and the truth is more worthy to be followed

O the honorable questioner, who is asking about the everlasting good deeds, these are all the good deeds in the present life that are done sincerely for Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Their reward is everlasting and you will find it to be bliss and a kingdom that does not finish, run out, or end and you will abide eternally therein. Also, this is an adornment and a life that is better than this present life's adornment, in line with the Word of Allah the Exalted:

But you prefer the worldly life,(16) While the Hereafter is better and more lasting (17)

Quran - Chapter: 87 -Verses: 16-17

However, the effort of the hereafter is done in this worldly life because in the hereafter a man does not have but the fruit of the efforts he exerted in the worldly life, and he shall be requited in the hereafter, in line with the Word of Allah the Exalted:

Have you seen the one who turned away (33) And gave a little and [then] refrained? (34) Does he have knowledge of the unseen, so he sees? (35) Or has he not been informed of what was in the scriptures of Moses (36) And [of] Abraham, who fulfilled [his obligations] -
(37) That no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another (38) And that there is not for man except that for which he strives (39) And that his effort is going to be seen - (40)
And afterward, he will be repaid for it with fullest payment; (41) And that to your Lord (Allah) is the End (Return of everything). (42)
An-Najm-Chapter: 53-Verses: 33-42

Hence, the everlasting good deeds are all the good deeds that are done sincerely for Allah in this worldly life, and they shall find the reward of these deeds lasting and does not run out in the Presence of a Sovereign Omnipotent (Allah). Indeed, this is a trade that will never perish and to Allah, all matters return (in decision) as He is the One who knows that which is in the breasts (of men) so He judges His servant according to the intention, in his heart, behind the deed he did. Certainly, deeds are judged according to the intentions behind them in all of the everlasting deeds.
In line with the Word of Allah the Exalted:

But does he not know that when the contents of the graves are scattered (9)
And that within the breasts is obtained, (10) surely their Lord is All-Aware of them on that Day. (11)
Quran -Chapter:100 -Verses: 9-11

Peace be upon the messengers and praise to Allah Lord of the worlds
The brother of the righteous ones; Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni

Translated by: Deena ADEL
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